Our Team

I will be your primary contact at the Creative Financial Centre but I am not the only one working on your behalf.    




Depending on your needs any or all of the following may be involved:


  • The Planning Department prepares and modifies your Financial Plan as needed.
  • The Managed Accounts Department manages your investments within the Portfolio you have selected to fit your risk tolerance and help you to meet your goals.
  • CFD Insurance Planners are available to help you with any insurance needs that I can not provide.
  • CFD Accounting Services are available to help with your income tax preparation.
  • Alter and Rockey Law is available to help with your estate planning.
  • The team from CFD Investments works behind the scenes to buy and sell the securities you choose, process the paperwork, and keep all the records in order.



Alter & Rockey is not associated with the Creative Financial Centre or its associated companies.  None of the cfd companies offer legal advice.